Easy Method for Adding Ribbons to Club Banners

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CCAT banner using easy eyelet method.

Do you pull your hair out when it’s time to add a ribbon to your club’s banner? If so, stop pulling! I’ve found a simple and pain-free way to attach the ribbons that looks professional, doesn’t involve a sewing machine, and won’t damage the banner. With this method, an eyelet is inserted into each ribbon and then strung onto a piece of elastic cord that is then attached to the banner.

Here are the items that you will need to do this project: ruler, paper, pencil, eyelets, elastic cord, cord stops and a Crop-A-Dile. In case you’re as ignorant on the subject as I was, cord stops are those things that are on the end of the cords that tighten a hood on a coat. Plain ones can be purchased in the camping department at WalMart for about $1.50.

The original idea came from a YouTube video made by a Toastmaster in Wisconsin. In the video he shows how to use a punch tool, eyelet anvil and hammer, and a regular hammer to attach eyelets to the ribbon but I chose to use a Crop-A-Dile instead. I found the Crop-A-Dile Eyelet and Snap Punch to be an easy, all-in-one solution.

This is quite an endorsement coming from me, a person whose fingers mess up every “craft-sy” project ever attempted! The Crop-a-dile can be found at Jo-Ann Fabric stores or ordered online at WalMart. Purchase your items then watch this video tutorial of how to use a Crop-a-Dile and you will be on your way to beautifully displayed ribbons!

If you have an account that allows you to leave comments on YouTube, please leave a note of support and appreciation for the man who took the time to not only share his idea but to make this excellent video for the benefit of his fellow Toastmasters. He doesn’t even tell us his name – what an excellent example of service!

Submitted by Becky Solley
VP Education – Cooke County  Area Toasters
New Club Sponsors and Mentors Chair – District 25