One Volunteer – Two Exciting Conference Roles

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Susan Gardner, Chuck Mencke, and Jim Key

I’m home relaxing after another fun and successful District 25 conference! Charles Roy Mencke, Conference Chair, led a fabulous team. I took on two exciting and challenging roles – being Jim Key’s educational session assistant Saturday morning and the DTM Ceremony Chair Saturday evening. Working with Jim Key was a real thrill. I’ve known Jim for several years and as a District leader you really enjoy having him speak in your District. This time I got to watch the club members learn so much from Jim and take away a message that will stay with them for a long time to come.

Then Saturday evening was the Candlelight DTM Ceremony. 

Chairing that committee was such an honor. Having 21 people work together and perform flawlessly to receive the highest honor in Toastmasters was an amazing event to witness and be part of for me. These 21 members worked extremely hard to achieve this goal and they have much to be proud of. I was so proud to play a small part in their journey.

Susan Gardner, DTM
Conference DTM Chair