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October 2013 was a month of exposure for District 25 members in the Toastmasters magazine.

Jamie Pickering scuba dives in the Columbia Deep Reef in
Cozumel, Mexico. Flashing a copy of the March Toastmaster
magazine, she tries to get the turtle to attend a meeting.

 You might remember this photo of District 25 Division Governor Jamie Pickering of the Aegonizers Club in Bedford.


Toastmasters Debra Levrets, Dennis Ferry and Gwen Fischer of Abilene
show their copy of the April Toastmasters magazine while
enjoying the tour of Mini Israel in Latrun, Israel

But you probably didn’t see this one in the same issue unless you happened to login using your iPad app.


“It was pretty awesome having 3 TM’s from the same club!” said Gwen Fischer. Gwen is also the Area 44 Governor. Debra Levrets is the Area 13 Governor. Debra, Dennis and Gwen are all members of Clearly Speaking in Abilene.

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