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Here’s how Mary Walker became a Dream Team Member!

1. Mentor a new member

Dream Team Member Program

I have been a mentor for Elsa Juko-McDowell since she joined Lakeside Toastmasters Club in March 2013. Elsa runs her own business and like many her schedule varies. We have telephone calls and meetings at our local library to work on her speeches. This has been a slow process on getting her to give speeches but I have encouraged her to take many of the roles within the club meeting. She just accomplished her first TM role at the club and did an excellent job. We are planning our next meeting for a speech. This has been a slow process, but her interest is good and she continues to say how much she enjoys our club and meetings. She is not able to attend all meetings due to her business but participates in all club meetings when she can attend.

2. Motivate an established member
When I joined Toastmasters, Yong Jiang was my mentor and he was the best.  He came early and explained the Toastmaster program, encouraged me as I was so afraid of speaking in front of a group.  In time the role reversed and I think I became a motivator for Yong. Yong has two children very active in school and activities and time was always a factor. I continued to encourage him to get his DTM.  He was so close but time was a factor. He received his DTM at last conference and we have become friends that encourage each other. Yong is the one that helps me with the awards program, he does all of the formulas and sets the program up to make it work.  Being involved is important in the Toastmaster arena and helps keep you a member.

3. Serve on District Staff
I serve as the Awards Chair for the district.  I work very closely with Diana Patton and the District Chair. The great opportunity for me is that I can do a much of the work at home. 

4. Serve on District Committee

Mary at the Awards Banquet.

I have served as the chair for the Awards Banquet, however it is run by a committee with much input by the District Chair and the Incoming Chair. As in anything, you need a contact person. I work with the facility to make sure everything is lined up.

I have also served on the Conference Committees as Awards Chair.  I’ve worked on the awards luncheon  and have always had a chair to give them the opportunity to serve in this capacity.

Mary Walker and other Lakeside Toastmaster members.

submitted by Mary Walker

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