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How does a contest work? With many volunteers and participants!

Area 45 Governor Duane Fontenot,
Area 43 Governor Peggy Corino,
Division D Governor Gary Lee Webb,
Area 44 Governor Gwen Fischer
and Area 41 Governor Nathan Embry

On Saturday November 2nd, contestants from Areas 41 through 45 competed in the Fall 2013 Division D Speech Evaluation and Humorous Speech Contest. The venue was the Tarrant County Public Health Center, located in Ft. Worth. Almost two dozen volunteers, from 13 Areas across the District, converged to help Division D Governor, Gary Lee Webb, the contest co-chairmen, Jonathan Evans and Oliver Cozby, the contest Toastmaster, Peggy Corino, and many others put on a great show from 10 to a little after noon.

The doors were opened to Toastmasters and public at 9 AM with free breakfast, ably provided by Sheila Richards and many others. As people arrived, they were directed by Sharon Webb and Julie Cosgrove in the foyer, then greeted at the reception desk by Karen Garcia and Lisa Corbett. Jonathan Evans ran the 9:15 briefing for the contestants and  Sergeants at Arms, assisted by Oliver Cozby and Peggy Corino.

Our Timers posing for the camera.

 At the same time, Chief Judge and Division A Governor, Steven Timmons, briefed the judges brought from the rest of the District, as well as the Timers and Ballot counters.

Peggy Corino interviews
Test Speaker Eugene Mosley

As usual, the first half of the contest began with a test speech. Our thanks to Eugene Mosley for coming down from Denton with an animated and inspirational speech to be grist for the evaluation mill. After being given 5 minutes to work on their presentations, the test speaker was evaluated  by the representatives of the five central Texas Areas: Pauline Claunch, Belinda Hampton, Pat Quick, Nathan Rike, and Larry Vance.

District Governor Dean Lampman
presents new DTM Lisa Corbett
with her DTM badge.

During the break, we heard from Chuck Mencke and his assistants about the District Conference, 15-16 November, at the DFW Sheraton. And then, a 10 minute intermission break, allowing the 70 participants to feast from the bountiful sideboards.    

The second half of the contest featured humorous speeches by David Adams, Brianna Bowman, Joe Garcia, Chris Hagar, and Chris Novinger. Two of the speakers used the audiovisual equipment. They were all very funny, even the second time around.    

Division D Governor Gary Lee Webb
presents the Division Outstanding
Secretary Award to Rosemary Horton
of the Waco Early Birds Club.

Eventually it was time to count the ballots, interview the contestants, hand out plaques to seven outstanding officers in District D, hear District 25 announcements from our governor, Dean Lampman, and finally award the six trophies. Pat Quick received top evaluator honors, and the best humorous speaker was Brianna Bowman.

submitted by Gary Lee Webb