Building a GREAT Club Using the Distinguished Club Program

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By focusing on the goals of the Distinguished Club Program (DCP) your club will be climbing toward success! Let’s look at the 10 goals:

  • 2 relate to membership building
  • 2 relate to communication
  • 2 relate to advanced communication 
  • 2 relate to leadership
  • 2 administrative 

In addition, the membership for the club at June 30, 2014 must be at least 20 members strong or have a net gain of 5 members over the base (for low member clubs). The goals were designed to help clubs focus on what matters most.

Is this achievable?  YES, it is!  Start now by putting a plan in place to have members agree to achieve requirements in the coming months.  By making a plan early in the Toastmasters year, the club can work methodically toward reaching various goals.  Each club should form a vision of how they will work together to achieve the club goals.

One of the administrative goals is to have a minimum of 4 officers trained during both training periods.  District 25 offers many opportunities for officers to attend training.  If your club hasn’t yet had its officers trained, for this summer training period, please review the TLI Opportunities Available in August and get this completed.  Trained officers have the tools to lead the club up the ladder of success.

Will your club be Distinguished this year?  Why not email me that your club is committed to being Distinguished and have a plan set in motion to do so?    

 It takes at least 5 goals for a club to be distinguished (plus membership requirement).  Strive for distinguished (5) early in the year and once there, why not work toward Select Distinguished (7), or President’s Distinguished (9 or a Perfect 10)! 

It is important to have a plan and continue to work that plan! 
Marylee Mims, DTM
Lt. Gov. Education & Training, District 25