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Call on the Helping Hands program! Helping Hands is for clubs whose membership is down and who feel that it would be beneficial to have extra hands and fresh ideas to make their club meetings stronger. The goal of Helping Hands is to re-energize the existing members and help turn visitors into members.

A Helping Hands team made up of experienced Toastmasters will come to your club meetings for a minimum of 3-4 consecutive meetings. The team consists of a team leader and 2 or 3 more Toastmasters. Your club and your officers still run the meetings; the Helping Hands Team is simply there to play a supporting role. They will help to fill meeting roles, give speeches, evaluations, help foster a positive atmosphere and have lots of member participation to attract new members.

If you volunteer to serve on a Helping Hands team, you will have the opportunity to use your creative meeting ideas to help another club improve their meetings. It also allows you to see how other clubs run their meetings and see if they have any fresh ideas that you could take back to your own club. Being a Helping Hands Team member benefits the club you are helping but as importantly, it benefits you by helping you grow as a leader. 

If you feel your club would benefit from this program or you would like to volunteer to be a part of a Helping Hands Team, you can contact Cindy Hinckley, our Lt. Governor Marketing, or me, the D25 Helping Hands Chair.

Call on Helping Hands when you need a hand!

Helping Hands Making District 25 Clubs Stronger,

Angela Bush
D25 Helping Hands Chair