Get a Quick Response with a QR Code

Do you know what a QR code is? Maybe not by name, but you have surely seen them, especially on printed material, and if you have a smartphone, you’ve likely used them.

These odd-looking pictures are actually 2-D barcodes. However, they can store much more information than the familiar UPC barcodes that are on your grocery store items.

Charles Sanzone of Tip Top Toastmasters suggests that a QR code might be useful to promote your club, or an event like an open house. Here’s how to do it:

  • The barcode can be generated online.
  • It is a picture that you save to your computer.
  • Place it in the document for an event flyer or for a club business card.
  • Print the items and post them or hand them out.
  • Smart device users can take a picture of the code with their device’s camera. (They must have an appropriate app installed.)
  • The user will be taken to the website, social media profile, or whatever text you included when you made the barcode. No worries about mistyping a web address.

Thanks for the tip, Charles!

Jodie Sanders
Public Relations Officer

Find out more about QR codes and make your own here:
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