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Save the date: Thursday, August 29.  That’s when noted sales training expert Tim Wackel will provide a free workshop for District 25 Toastmasters. 

In this fun, interactive and information-packed workshop, you’ll learn how to develop and nurture a healthy sales mentality. You’ll also:
    •  Discover how the right attitude and techniques can help you sell ideas, products and services.
    •  Gain insight about how to apply sales fundamentals in Toastmasters and other areas of your life.
    •  Leave the workshop more prepared and enthusiastic about finding and attracting guests to your club and about how to get companies, churches and other organizations interested in forming a new club.

With all those benefits, you won’t want to miss this wonderful workshop, so save the date. The workshop will begin at 7 p.m. at the Allstate building, located at 8711 Freeport Parkway in Irving. Online registration.  

Dean Lampman, MBA, DTM
District 25 Governor, 2013-14: Looking Forward, Giving Back