‘Tis the Season . . . for New Members, New Clubs

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Membership and Marketing, what season matters?

Every season! Our club members are the most important asset District 25 has. As we start the last month of the Toastmasters year, none of us should sit back and be complacent about the number of members in our club nor about helping to charter new clubs. Membership numbers can make the difference between whether a club is Distinguished or not. It also can make a difference in whether the District is Distinguished.

District 25’s newest club, Marketing Management, Inc.

An important part of the district goals set by Toastmasters International is to search out and establish new clubs so that an increased population can benefit from the Toastmasters program. Who identifies new club prospects? The answer is, every member. If a member knows of a corporation, organization, place of worship, etc. that would benefit from Toastmasters, the entity should be approached. If there is interest in forming a club, the District, specifically the Lt. Governor Marketing and the marketing team, can help make the new club happen.

It is the first week of June. There is time to charter new clubs, attract new members, earn needed educational/leadership awards, and SUBMIT Officer Lists before June 30. Don’t think too long, rather take positive action!

Marylee Mims
Lt. Governor Marketing