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How do I add a picture to our home page? Can I link to articles on the district website? How do I capture a potential visitor’s attention? Can we upload meeting minutes to our website? No one knows the admin password, what do I do?

The April 22nd installment of Membership Mondays will answer all these questions and more!  In this step-by-step webinar you will be able to see, and not just hear, how to make your club website work for you.

This is fully interactive webinar. You will be able to ask questions as needed. It will also be recorded and can be seen later.

How to join us:
Registration – Use this to make sure your computer is ready to go, add the event to your calendar, and get email reminders. If you do not receive the confirmation email, check your spam or junk email folder and add “” to your list of approved senders.

Full details of the procedure are on the Membership Monday web page.

See you April 22nd at 8:00 pm!

Jamie Pickering
Area 34 Governor