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It’s the season to ‘Spring Ahead’!  With that fitting theme in mind, the Las Colinas Communicators club opened its doors to guests, inviting them to spring ahead with the Toastmasters experience. On March 27, we opened house with the main attraction — a delicious spread of refreshments that included meat/veggie wraps, cream puffs, chips, fruits, cookies, candies and soft drinks. In addition to our regular meeting, we had an extra half hour for ‘Meet, Greet and Eat.’ This gave guests and members ample time to interact and get comfortable before the main event took center stage.

Our Toastmaster trinity for the meeting included Gary Samuelson as Toastmaster, Ananta Annavajhula as Table Topicsmaster and Area 62 Governor Manhal Shukayr as General Evaluator. Vicki Haynes, winner of our club-level International Speech contest, presented her motivational speech. The Table Topics were a mixed bag of questions – while one member got to explain why they loved Toastmasters, another got to tackle the challenge of investing a million dollars. The Area Governor fielded a question about the leadership opportunities at Toastmasters.

In the feedback form, the guests mentioned that they particularly enjoyed how the purpose of each segment was explained and the life-application of the lessons learned was illustrated by the role players. The Open House has made our club richer by 2 members, who signed up on the spot!

Not only is the Open house a great program, but the planning and preparation is an enriching experience. If you haven’t had one already, this is the perfect time to ‘Spring Ahead’ with an Open House of your own.

Anu S.Kumar
Las Colinas Communicators #8055