Valentine’s Day — When We Shared Toastmasters

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Taking the opportunity to share the love of Toastmasters on a regular meeting day, Flagship Speakers began planning this event in early February. Event Chair Rupi Khanduri sent out invitations to previous guests, former and current members. Current members were encouraged to share the invitations with friends and co-workers. Our meeting is a ‘lunch time’ period for most of our members. By the way, did I mention that Rupi coordinated food offerings provided by a variety of the club members? Food is always a good way to say ‘Thank You’ for coming to a special event or open house.

Toastmaster Celeste Castro led the meeting with enthusiasm and ensured our special guests, Jodie Sanders and Marylee Mims, were escorted to the conference room. In addition to district leadership we had two new guests along with one returning (soon to become a member) guest. Over half of the club members were able to attend.

Celeste Castro, guest speaker Jodie Sanders, and Kathy Brewer
Murali, a club member and contractor for American Airlines, spoke about “Mobile Platforms and Technologies” and how the company’s vision is expanding. Jodie shared her personal Toastmasters journey in her speech, “Changes in Attitude – Going Higher as a Toastmaster.

All of this happening while the CEO of American Airlines was preparing to make an official announcement about a merger and talking about the future of the company with employees. 

In my opinion we made a great ‘opening act’ to the announcement. We have a great team of members who work together to do what it takes to make each meeting a success because we can truly say ‘We Love Our Club’ and want to share it with as many people as we can.

Kathy Brewer
Division F Governor 
President, Flagship Speakers