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Judges Training / Chief Judges / Judges Recertification Training    
Diana Pittman
Who judges the speech contests? How can you become a Judge? Whether you want to judge contests or compete, these sessions will answer all your questions.  You may even have an opportunity to judge for other groups outside of Toastmasters.

Alternate Leadership Training: “Explore Leadership”              
David Martin
Have you served as a Club Officer again and again and again?  You can attend this session to have a fresh perspective of your opportunity to serve your Club one more time as an Officer.

Contest Quality Training                           
Deb Sanford
Planning a speech contest? Pulling together a contest can be daunting. Learn how to conduct a great contest from District 25 Contest Quality Chair Deb Sanford. Make your contest a successful, fun, fair competition for all.

Speakers Showcase    
Pat Quick
The spotlight is on YOU! Come listen as fellow Toastmasters present manual speeches and evaluations. Come join the fun and help with the evaluations.

The International Speech Contest Training                    
Thomas Saulsberry
 Discover how you can become the World Champion of Public Speaking. Thomas is a past District 25 International Speech Contest winner and an accomplished speaker. He will give you the tools you need to win.

The Table Topics Contest Training    
Thomas Torlincasi
“Dumb Things I Have Said Without Thinking!” Have you ever thought that after you bombed at your Club’s weekly Table Topics session? This presentation will show you how everybody wins at a Table Topics Contest.

Member Retention Strategies    
Oliver Cozby
This session is the second hour of the VP Membership Training and is open to all.  How do we keep our Members involved in our Club? Stop the revolving door of Members In/Members Out at your Club.

Motivating Achievement    
Frankie Rike
Discover how to chart your success through the Toastmasters educational program, the High Performance Leadership Project and move toward your DTM. This session is the second hour of the VP Education Training and is open to all.

The Club Coach, New Club Sponsors, and Mentors    
Michael Sheridan    
Being appointed a Club Coach can be an educational and satisfying experience. You will hone your leadership skills as you guide the Club back to charter strength. New Clubs need effective mentors and sponsors! You can pass on your Toastmasters knowledge and experiences to help new clubs.
A Five Step Speechwriting Process                                   
Sara Boepple
If speech-writing is your Waterloo, come to this session to learn this five-step process for successful speech writing presented by a Toastmaster whose ultimate goal is to become the World Champion of Public Speaking.

Toastmasters 101                              
Karl Bradley              
Were you confused about all the meeting roles and alphabet soup when you first joined your Club? Karl leads a group discussion to help any Toastmaster understand what it all means.

Speaking Outside of Toastmasters                    
Keith Boepple     
Comfort Zone…O-Zone…End Zone. What’s your zone? Speaking to a new group or one outside of our Toastmasters experience is not as difficult as it might seem. You just need to be in the correct zone.

You as the Topicsmaster                                 
Manhal Shukayr
You are the Topicsmaster for your Club’s meeting today. This session will explore different techniques for leading Table Topics in your Club.

Competent Communicators to What’s Next                       
Ron Clark
Are you stuck in the muck? Does the Toastmasters program seem overwhelming? Longtime Toastmaster Ron Clark, four-time recipient of the DTM designation, will share secrets he has learned through his Toastmasters years.

Delivering Training: It is NOT a Speech                       
Tom Pierce
Discover the differences between delivering training and preparing a speech in this “Train the Trainer” session.  Learn the dos and don’ts of training, how to deal with a dynamic audience, and techniques to deliver quality content.

The Mission of a Toastmaster                           
Gary Samuelson
Why are YOU a Toastmaster? Decide what your personal mission is and how Toastmasters can help you fulfill that mission. You will get more out of Toastmasters, and so will your Club.