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Lights! Timers! Contestants! ACTION! Let the Show begin!

The greatest show on D25 Toastmasters Earth, the District Championships began with a spark!Friday night the “Clowning Around” began with the ‘funtastic’ and fabulous Contest Toastmaster, Michael Sheridan lighting up the room with the Clown’s prayer.
Test Speaker, Cameron Rivers (Top Flight Toastmasters) delighted the audience with his spellbinding tale of “The Magic in my Life, or How the Circus Came to Me”. Demonstrating the tricks of the magic trade, Cameron concluded the real magic is in touching the life of others and helping them discover their own strength and talents.
Six dynamic and talented evaluators (one for each District 25 Divisions), dissected and elaborated on the speakers strengths and suggestions for improvements. And the winners are:
First place: Aparna Valluri,  Top of Texas Toastmasters
Second place: Brenda Daniels,  Out on the Town
Third place: James Flair, Toastcrafters
Also competing were: Akeal Hawkins, Plane Talk Club; Rucha Jani, BNSF Expressed Toastmasters and Jill Morrison, Sabre Classic.

Saturday, “The Greatest Show on Earth” continued with “In the Center Ring!” with the darling, the dazzling Ring Master… Contest Toastmaster, Larry Harmon.
Calling all Toastmasters to Center ring, the amazing, trilling, hilarious, battle of the humorous speakers began. The lions and tigers and bears (Oh My!), stepped out as the humorous speech contestants stepped up and into the “Center Ring”.
The circus crowd roared at hilarious tales of DJ’s confusion over Horticultural is Not the Study of Horses or (how NOT to impress your fellow students). We trekked the great outdoors with Steve’s 5 ages of Camping. Witnessed the pleadings of “I am Innocent!” from Troy, alias “Billy Bob Wolf”!?. We learned that joining the Army is not the “Freedom” Gloria thought it would be (That’s RIGHT!). And oh yes,  by the way… “What’s a Culvert?” anyway,… , Scott, just watch out for that ditch! And took how not cook lessons from Laura… (She’s not Cooking is she!).
The District “ring leaders” along with International President John Lau and wife, Rebecca stepped into the ring to award the District Champions. And the winners are:
First place: DJ Swinyar,  Mansfield Sunrise
Second place: Laura Stewart,  Afterburners
Third place: Gloria Burton, Texas Wesleyan Spellbinders 
Also competing were: Troy Moore, Grace Toastmasters; Steve Blake, Truckin’ Toastmasters; and Matt Scott, Flagship Speakers

The Fall Contest season is now concluded!  Special thank you and recognition to all the contestants, helpers, judges, Area, Division and District Governors and staff that worked long hours planning, preparing and executing the fabulous contests this Fall Season.  It has been truly and rewarding and motivating experience watching the best evaluators and humorous speakers of the District via for the District Championship titles!  We all learned so much about our strengths, areas for improvements and made great friends and relationships along the way.  

Are you ready to do it again!??

Training and planning for the May 3-4 Spring Contest Season at the DFW Sheraton begins Dec 8th at the first full TLI.   If you had fun with the Greatest Show on Earth! Sign up for Spring Contest  Season.  With the Table Topics and International Speech Competitions we will  “Boldly Go” to explore brave new worlds of adventure!

Contest Quality Chair, Deb Sanford signing off!  (Live Long and Prosper!)