The Importance of Intros

What Makes a Good Introduction?

An introduction is usually the first time a group gets to know a little about a speaker. It is very important to point the audience in the proper direction in order to prepare them for the presentation the speaker is about to give. When you are the Toastmaster of the Day in a Toastmaster’s meeting or possibly the Master of Ceremonies in a more formal setting, your introduction of the speaker should include some very important points. Here are some suggestions of the items to include in an introduction:

  • Purpose of the presentation or speech – What is the goal of the speech?
  • Topic of the speech – Provide a general idea of what the speech will be about or some fact leading into the topic.
  • Credibility of the speaker – What knowledge or background makes this person a credible presenter of the topic?
  • Title of the presentation – Titles are an integral part of all presentations, most speakers will use the title within their speech in order to get their main point across.
  • Name of the presenter – Always conclude your introduction with the person’s name and lead the audience in applause.

These are just a couple of suggestions for making a good introduction. If possible, the speaker should write his/her own introduction for the emcee. The Toastmaster of the Day is responsible for contacting each speaker and getting the introduction from them prior to the meeting. If the Toastmaster of the Day/emcee prepares an introduction for a speaker, it should be reviewed by the speaker prior to the meeting/event (the introduction should help to put the speaker at ease – if the speaker knows what is going to be said, they’ll be more comfortable and relaxed going into the presentation). The speaker can use a good introduction to set the stage for the presentation. The Toastmaster will come across as more professional by delivering a well written, rehearsed introduction for each speaker during a meeting. Used properly, introductions can really create a more effective overall meeting.

Marylee Mims
VP Marketing