How to Have the BEST Conference Experience!

Suggestions are from Hope Hill, Las Colinas Communicators. More conference information here.

Member discount on fee & allow committee to properly
plan for meals, seats, hand-outs; without waste of over-stocking.
Member enjoy conference more being on-site among other
TMs. Relax in room when tired; no traveling after long day when tired; easier
to stay late and enjoy fellowship; sleep-in and still make early morning
sessions. More comfortable to change clothes for different events. Special
rates on elegant rooms; room-share with a co-member or other members to make
Food Preferences
Be sure to select vegetarian meals if desired when you register for
conference. Promptly advise the wait staff at each meal, you ordered
vegetarian meal.
Don’t take a vegetarian meal if you didn’t order one with
registration; otherwise one of the vegetarians won’t get their pre-ordered
Food Allergies
Bring your own food if you have serious allergies. Eat in
room or have cooler in car if not staying at hotel. Save money on Gallery
Do It ALL!
Cheaper to register for Full Registration than to order
events & meals a la carte. Donate your unusable tickets to others who
didn’t plan to stay so the seats will be filled and they can enjoy more of
the conference.
Hospitality Room
Take advantage of the large and easily accessible facility
furnished to all attendees to mix and mingle; fellowship with friends and
like-minded Toastmasters, meet new people, make new friends, network, share
ideas. Drinks and snacks FREE to all attendees.
Arrive Early
For all events to ensure you are not late and have good
seating. Relax and beat the last minute rush of late arrivers.
Get more involved and be a part of a motivated Team and
help make the conference a successful event for everyone. You get out of
something, what you put into it. Be a part of things. If most members
volunteered just one hour or for just one small part of the conference it would
make light work for all volunteers and conference committees.
Dress Protocol
Business Casual on Friday evening; comfortable wear during
the Saturday Education sessions; Party attire, After 5 to formal wear for
Saturday night DTM ceremony.
Every club in the District should have at least one member
attend the conference and carry their club banner in the Banner Parade.
Club-Sponsored fee
If club funds are available, vote for club to pay the
registration fee for one or more of their active members and/or Officers to
attend conference as a reward and also bring back new ideas and procedures to
the club.
Bring a camera to capture photos of some of the fond
memories to share with your club and post on the D25 website.

By Jodie Sanders