Why Do We Go to Conference?

Several Toastmasters tell why they attended District Conference, and what they found to be significant about their experiences.

Humorous Speech Contest winners, Fall 2011

“I came to the conference because I thought it would be fun. I was right. The most significant part of the conference was the speech contests. To me, no matter who won, listening to all of the speakers was the highlight of the conference.”

“As a club President, I wanted to fully participate in all aspects. I thought the education sessions would be beneficial (and they were) to help me be a better leader.”

“Conferences are a great opportunity to be recharged and to meet other Toastmasters you may not have yet gotten to know.”

Educational session

“To meet fellow Toastmasters and attend the educational sessions.”

“I went to network and get ideas as to how to improve my club.”

“Good chance to hear the best speakers and see examples of what composes a really great speech, plus excellent opportunity for further education and much networking.”

“Meeting people from different clubs. Seeing the “big picture” of Toastmasters. Hearing the stories of other people. Making friends. I don’t remember ever going to a meeting that large and having so many people go out of their way to introduce themselves and make me feel welcome!”

Seeing old and making new friends

“I had been told they were a lot of fun and that you got to meet some GREAT folks and lots to learn. Meeting people, hearing stories and speeches, that was it for me. I had a really good time, and other than losing my camera on Friday night I do not think I would have changed a thing.”

“I came because I enjoy coming. I always learn something. I always make new friends. It’s always a growth experience in some way for me.”

“Education and Contests. FRIENDS!”

Spring 2011: Michael Notaro, International President-Elect,
was the keynote speaker

“As a new member, I am trying to experience EVERYTHING that toastmasters offers. I learned a lot. One of the best things for me was the opportunity to meet with other toastmasters outside my clubs. The other thing I found to be extremely helpful was to watch the contests and key notes. To see really good speeches and evaluations will help me in the future.”

“I enjoy the conferences. The chance to meet and mingle with other Toastmasters is one of the main reasons I go. I also really enjoyed the educational sessions.”

Charlotte Lenox, Distinguished Toastmaster

“This was my 4th time attending the D25 Conference and the most significant part for me was the DTM ceremony. When the candidates lit their candles, those tiny flickering flames gave me inspiration; guidance in my Toastmasters journey and made me dream of coming up on that stage someday and inspire others as I light my own candle.”

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