Adopt A Star


For the 2012-2013 Toastmaster year, our District Governor, Bonne Stroman, introduced a new way for clubs to track their DCP (Distinguished Club Program) goals.  It’s the new “District 25
Club Success Plan Ribbon”. As Bonne explained in her article “
New Stars to Be Explored in the D25Sky!”, as clubs meet the requirements for each of the 10 DCP goals, they get to add a star to the ribbon. Add all 10 stars and meet the club’s membership requirement, the club will then be Presidents Distinguished! That’s what all clubs in District 25 should strive for as their goal.
I was very excited when I saw the ribbon. What a wonderful way to track the club’s DCP goals in a visual way! Most of us relate to visual stimuli. When we “see” something it means more to us than just being told about it. Seeing the DCP progress of your club hopefully will help the members understand which goals have been achieved and which ones are still needed.
I picked up my club’s ribbon at the TLI and was sitting there looking at it when a “light bulb” moment came to me! What about individual club members “adopting” a specific star? That way you get the club members immersed and involved in the DCP success of their club.
I spurred on the project within my home club, Top Notch Toastmasters, by adopting Stars #5 and #6, which are both leadership awards. TNT was awarded those goals when I
completed my DTM on July 2.
For DCP Goals #1 and #2, get yourself a buddy to help you fulfill the goal of two CC’s (Competent Communicator) and an additional two more CC’s. Let your club’s VP
Education know you will be getting your CC during this Toastmaster year.

What about Goals #7 and #8? Those two goals are concerned with adding 4 new members and an additional 4 more members. Talk to your club’s VP Membership and let them know
you want to head up the club’s membership campaign. Doing so, will also fulfill one of the requirements in your Competent Leadership Manual.

There’s many ways your club’s members can get creative by “Adopting a Star” on the “D25 Club Success Plan” ribbon. Put your thinking caps on and help your club be Presidents Distinguished for the 2012-2013 Toastmaster year.


Mencke, DTM
Division D Governor
By Julie Cosgrove