How to Have an Excellent TM Experience

Marylee Mims
Lt. Gov. Marketing


An Excellent Toastmasters Experience is something all members deserve. You can make that happen by ensuring that your club always has a dynamic meeting. An excellent meeting demands pre-planning, cooperation and participation by your club members.

Here are some proven ideas –

Create a friendly environment. Be postive, supportive and encouraging.

Set an expectation of excellence. Manual speeches are a MUST! Family, travels, hobbies, professions (the topics are endless) can be matched to the objectives of a manual speech project.

Be creative with Table Topics. Make them fun! Have them match the theme for the day. You could have a grab bag of questions, or have everyone write a noun, verb and adjective down and then draw and make up a story.

Finish with evaluations that contain praise, ideas for improvement and motivational comments useful to every member. Two tried and true methods are the Sandwich Method with praise, ideas for improvement and praise, or the “Here is what I heard, saw and felt” approach.

Finally, begin and end the meeting on a positive note.

If every club meeting were this dynamic, wouldn’t your members attend faithfully and guests turn into members?

Explore this possibility for YOUR club!



By Julie Cosgrove