TLI – 20 Options

Brenda Daniels TLI Chair


7-28-12  Toastmasters Leadership Institute at the University of North Texas in Denton offers nearly 20 
educational and leadership growth sessions! All club officers can
attend designated training to learn about their roles and anyone can
attend the following elective classes to help themselves and their

1. Alternate Leadership Training: For those who have served in
their elected office previously, we offer a great alternate leadership
class called “The Influence of a Leader.” Motivational speaker and
leader Maurice Tait will teach you how to be a better, more impactful
leader and how that can and will influence others.

2. Toastmasters 101: How do you hand off control of the lectern?
Who should you call first in Table Topics? Which speaker should be
listed first on the agenda? What is the role of the Toastmaster, Table
Topics Master, and General Evaluator? Find the answers to these
questions and more in this session led by Bob Marion.

3. Chief Judges Training. WE WANT YOU for chief judge duty! If
you are familiar with contest judging and want to take the helpful step
of serving as a chief judge, please attend this two-hour session led by
Diana Pittman.

4. Motivating Achievement: Claire Misquez will teach you about
opportunities for growth available through the Toastmasters
International Communication and Leadership tracks and membership
programs, and how to encourage club members to make progress toward
their educational goals.

5. Member Retention Strategies: Susan Gardner will help you
develop a plan to address the ugly secret of Toastmasters – that we lose
about 50 percent of our members every year. It doesn’t have to be that
way. Find out how to keep your members in your club.

6. FreeToastHost and Website Basics: Website guru Jodie Sanders
will cover everything you need to know, and more, about leveraging
FreeToastHost, the content management system that supports most of our
club Websites. Make your site more effective and exciting by bringing
home the secrets of success to your club.

7. The Club Coach Program: Marylee Mims will explain what the
club coach program does and how you can be an effective club coach,
helping clubs that are eligible for a coach (those with 12 or fewer
members) get healthy again.

8. Humorous Speech Contest: Learn how to give your audience a
side-splitting laugh-athon experience when you compete this fall. You’ll
learn from Regina Clay, who has shown her great skills in prior
humorous speech contests.

9. Speakers Bureau: Thought about extending your speaking arena
beyond the club or contest level? Then you may be interested in joining
the District 25 Speakers Bureau. Lauren Midgley will tell you what this
requires and why you should strongly consider it. Also, existing bureau
members can learn how the program is evolving.

10. DCP Program and Strategies for Success: The Distinguished
Club (DCP) program shouldn’t bea mystery to any of us, as Toastmasters.
In this session, Gary Samuelson will reveal tips and techniques to
ensure that your club gets and stays on track to be Distinguished,
Select Distinguished or President’s Distinguished.

11. Contest Quality Training: Don’t you just love contests? The
excitement of competition? The energy of the crowd? The free snacks? You
want your club, area, and division to put on THE BEST LITTLE CONTEST IN TEXAS,
don’t you? This session, led by Cindy Hinckley, is for all you contest
chairs out there, and anyone else who wants to know how to make your contest the BEST!

12. The High Performance Leadership (HPL) Project: What is an HPL
project and why should you complete one? It’s more than just an
important step toward your Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) award, as
Chuck Mencke will explain in this session. You’ll get a solid
understanding of how to think about the HPL experience.

13. The Five-Step Speechwriting Process: Many Toastmasters find
it difficult to advance in the program or compete successfully in
contests because they struggle with writing speeches. In this class,
Sara Boepple will outline a five-step process you can use to write great
speeches. So eliminate the writing barrier forever.

14. New Club Sponsors and Mentors: It takes experienced
Toastmasters to help a group become a new club and to take that new club
from new to strong. In particular, it takes sponsors and mentors. Find
out from Michael Sherridan what these roles and involve. Consider the
privilege and benefits of serving as a sponsor and/or mentor.

15. Evaluation Contest: Learn how to score well when you compete
in a speech evaluation contest. You’ll learn from David Watkins, who has
shown his great skills in prior speech evaluation contests.

16. Speakers Showcase: Attend this session and either listen to
Toastmasters who are presenting manual speeches, help evaluate those
speeches, or give a manual speech. The role you play is your call.
Steven Timmons will coordinate it all.

17. Judges Recertification: If you are an experienced judge and
need to be retrained (certified) for continued service as judge, please
attend this one-hour session led by Diana Pittman.

18. Lunch and Learn: As part of a great lunch, feast on
our mini sessions covering tips on how to make the Competent Leader
manual a more integral part of the Toastmasters experience and providing
an overview of the District 25 Speakers Bureau, its benefits, and how
to join it.

19. Judges Training:  If you want to become a speech contest
judge, please attend this two-hour session, held after the lunch and
learn session and led by Diana Pittman.


By Julie Cosgrove