Great Guidance, Gary!

Las Colinas Communicators (8055) recognized Club President Gary Samuelson on June 13th with a beautiful plaque for his continued leadership, and specifically for leading the club to their eleventh consecutive year as a President’s Distinguished club. Here is part of the presentation speech delivered by the club’s Vice President of Education, Ramesh Shaastri:

Many people join Toastmasters so they might learn to make one special and important presentation. Quite a few people achieve confidence in a multitude of speaking and leadership situations. Several go further to achieve their advanced Toastmaster ratings as they continue to improve specific communication and leadership skills. And there are a few who earn the title of Distinguished Toastmaster.

In the ranks of these last we often find the core of local clubs. These are the men and women who continue to volunteer because it isn’t about the title. They lift up the club and continually inspire us to achieve more and do better. They help us see the path to achieving goals and helping not just ourselves, but to help others improve their communication and leadership skills.

This year, as in several previous years, one of our own took on the task of helping our club continue to be one of the best Toastmasters clubs in the world. This year we have again achieved the Toastmasters International designation of “President’s Distinguished.” This is the eleventh year the Las Colinas Communicators have achieved this designation and this year’s accomplishment is in no small part due to the encouragement and gentle nudging of our current club president, Gary Samuelson.

Jerry Kness

Las Colinas Communicators


By Jodie Sanders