The Life of a Toastmasters Club Banner

Sprint Speakers, Fort Worth

Somehow it does not seem like you are a real Toastmasters club until you get your banner. Then you have something official to gather around for club pictures. Here are some tips for the newer clubs in our district on the care and feeding of club banners.

Electric Toasters, Irving

At every meeting, the banner should be up front, presiding over all the club’s activities. Whenever you take photos of any special occasion, the banner should be right there.

Soapbox Heroes, Arlington

When you go to contests, the banner should go along and get a prime spot near the speaking area.

WBC Toastmasters, Lewisville

And when it’s time for district conference, your banner is in a fever of anticipation, hoping to make a grand entrance on Friday night in the Banner Parade. Don’t disappoint your banner — take it with you!

Bethesda Toastmasters, Fort Worth

Do you believe in reincarnation? It happens to Toastmasters clubs! Recently, two clubs, Bethesda and Off the Cuff, started new lives. Of course, new banners with their new names were a necessity.

Off the Cuff Toastmasters

The banner proudly says “Hey, this is a Toastmasters club, a diverse group of people, which has a distinct personality, an identity. And I represent that identity to the rest of the world!”


By Jodie Sanders