These Are NOT Your Mother’s Old Sheets: Conference Toga Contest Is Dazzling!

On Friday, May 4th, the Sheraton DFW welcomed many District 25 Conference attendees in authentic, humorous and elegant Greek garments.

 Greek gods and goddesses would have been envious of the dazzling adornments worn by the participants in the Fun Toga Contest.

Division Governors were challenged to choose winners for each category. The audience assisted with the final decision of the Best of the Best attire.

Rosemary Horton was crowned by District Governor Diana Patton as winner in the Humorous category and overall winner of the Toga Contest. Rosemary took the prize of a gift basket filled with Greek coffee, Kalamata olives, olive oil and a taste of Baklava.

Mark Rachels (Most Authentic) and Rebecca Harvey (Most Elegant) were the other category winners.

Several couples entered the contest and plan to recycle their outfits during Halloween festivities later this year. Smiles were evident throughout the fun event.

Kathy Brewer

Conference Togamaster





By Jodie Sanders