It’s Time to Shine!

Mary Walker brought this poster that was made by her students to the conference. I thought it was appropriate for this article.

I hope that each of you has let your light shine throughout this Toastmaster year.  Perhaps this was stepping outside your comfort zone to be a club officer for the first time, competing in a club contest, attending your first conference, or completing that first education goal.

There have been some amazing successes already this year, but it’s time to make a few more lights shine bright.

I want each member, officer and club to shine brightly when this Toastmaster year comes to an end on June 30, and put a plan in place to keep that light shining brightly into the future.

How close is your club to being Distinguished or better?  Here are some things that you as a member and officer can do to let your club’s light shine:

Complete that education goal that you set at the beginning of the year

Completion of club goals are still within reach – make sure it happens!

Add members

  • Call those members that haven’t renewed for April or even last October
  • Call guests from open houses
  • Have the best meetings possible to attract guests and add members
  • Speech Craft
  • Open House
  • Membership Campaign

My hope is to see more clubs Distinguished or better than we had at the end of 2010-2011.  I hope that is your hope, too.  We have less than two months to make this happen.

It’s Time to Shine!

Diana Patton

District Governor


By Jodie Sanders