District 25’s Outstanding Officers Announced at Spring Conference

Outstanding Officers: Jodie Sanders, Lidia Barboza, David Watkins,Phillip Silas, Larry Nickerson, Julie Cosgrove

The awards were presented at conference for the members that showed outstanding service for Toastmasters as an officer for their club for the period of July 1 through December 31, 2011. Many of you were at the conference to congratulate the recipients.

Below is a brief from the many nominations received for the officers of District 25 that was read at the conference in presenting the awards at the Awards Luncheon on May 5.

For the Outstanding District 25 Sergeant at Arms, this individual has a kind and giving spirit that is evident in his careful attention to the weekly room set up.  Meeting in a public building sometimes means a lot of furniture moving to set up.  He simply sings a song to himself and gets busy making the room right.

Outstanding District 25 Sergeant at Arms
Phillip Silas – Afterburners

For the Outstanding District 25 Treasurer, this individual does the monthly treasurer report. He gathered and submitted dues, and prepared budgets for executive meetings. He is a great example for the club and is always willing to step up and take a role. This is a person that can always be counted on.

Outstanding District 25 Treasurer
Larry Nickerson – Top of Texas Toastmasters

For the Outstanding District 25 Secretary, this individual paints not only a picture of what occurred, but she describes the environment, the settings, the atmosphere and all of the information. If you miss a meeting, you can read the minutes and truly get a feel for what happened.  She steps in to fill the roles of the club as needed.

Outstanding District 25 Secretary
Julie Cosgrove – Top Notch Toastmasters



Nathan Embry

For the Outstanding District 25 Vice President Public Relations, this individual went outside the club and used the local radio station to promote his club by acquiring a short radio segment in the mornings of their club meetings. He is truly an inspiration of how to spread the news of Toastmasters in his community.

Outstanding District 25 Vice President  Public Relations
Nathan Embry – Centex Clearly Speaking

For the Outstanding District 25 Vice President Membership, this individual has been a positive force within the club and a true leader. His easy-going ways  make people feel comfortable and his ability to promote the clubs activities and goals are convincing people to join the club.

Outstanding District 25 Vice President Membership
David Watkins – Keller Communicators

For the Outstanding District 25 Vice President Education, this individual has gone over and above what is expected of a Toastmaster Officer. Some descriptions of her are creative, courteous, kind, good listener, motivated, professional, friendly and persistent.

Outstanding District 25 Vice President of Education
Lidia Barboza – Fighter Enterprise

For the Outstanding District 25 President, this individual has set goals for the club as being one hundred percent member focused. Her dedication to the members has resulted in the club meeting DCP goals. She guides the club with honesty and leads by example.

Outstanding District 25 President
Jodie Sanders – Afterburners

Thank you to everyone for submitting nominations for these awards and a special thank you to the awards committee. Without your participation, this program would not be possible. We thank all of you.

Mary Walker
District 25 Awards Chair

Past Outstanding Officers are listed in the D25 Hall of Fame.