Toga Thoughts

Toga Winners

As the chants of “Toga, toga” still echo in my mind, and in my thoughts I watch smiling faces prance across the stage in their  imaginative creations, it reminds me Toastmasters is supposed to be fun as well as being seriously invested in helping people overcome the fear of public speaking and developing into community leaders.

The Tall Tales were absolutely amazing. Each was so well thought out and very different from the others. The international  speeches were inspiring. I am so glad I was not a judge! Picking a winner would have been very hard. What an phenomenal group of talented folk we have in D25.

At the awards luncheon I was shocked, then humbled to receive Secretary of the Year and have so many people applaud and congratulate me. But that is the essence of Toastmasters and why being with my own club 825  it is my injection of positiveness each week. Everyone is honored for their achievements in our district, no matter what their education level. Such is rare in this me-centered world.  When Dale Hansen laughed and said he doubted  if anyone in the room had not been recognized, I wanted to yell out, “That, my friend, is why Toastmasters is Toastmasters!”

To all who attended, thank you. To the presenters from the Boy Scout who gave up their Saturday to do the education sessions, thank you. To Al Pearson for his impromptu speech on the cycle of living and giving- thank you. To each contestant- wow, thanks! And to our D25 senior leaders Diana, Bonnie and Dean, and to everyone on the conference planning committee- job well done!!! You all are amazing.

The plaque’s up on my wall, and I will think of each of you every day as I thank God I was invited to a Toastmaster’s meeting in Oct, 2009. My life hasn’t been the same since – which is, by the way, a good thing!

Julie Cosgrove
Top Notch Toastmasters