District Does Demo at TD Ameritrade


The District Marketing Team conducted a demo meeting on Tuesday, April 24th at TD Ameritrade.

Team members present were Dean Lampman, Jesse Torres, Diana Patton, Chuck Mencke, and Jill Morrison. Alicia Elliott is working with us to charter the club.

Diana Patton

We had a wonderful pre-charter meeting at TD Ameritrade. Alicia Elliott gave a wonderful Ice Breaker speech on how you learn everything you need to know in kindergarten. She took us on her personal journey from childhood to how she decided to become a Toastmaster. Our own Lt. Governor  Marketing, Dean Lampman, gave a great speech that likened our Toastmaster journey to a vacation on the river, sometimes slow and peaceful, sometimes more like the rapids. It was a superb meeting with a lot of interest in forming a club at Ameritrade. We look forward to chartering this new club soon.

Jill Morrison


By Jodie Sanders