ICE Breakers Give Guests a Warm Welcome

Front row left to right – Lana King, Past President; Jacqueline Madden; Jeanene Heilman, VP Membership; back row left to right – Dexter Dews, Sergeant at Arms; Michael Fanelli, Area Governor; John Argumaniz, Guest Speaker; Kenneth Long; Naya Pope, VP Education; Ann Gillespie; Karen Chilton, President; Christie Williams, Secretary and Derrick Thompson, VP Public Relations

ICE Breakers, Club No. 01247787, Irving, Texas, held its Open House on Thursday, March 22. We had approximately 20 guests present. Our Guest Speaker was John Argumaniz, the Irving Police Department Public Information Officer. John gave an outstanding speech on the Role/Goal of a Public Information Officer.

It was a great Open House. Approximately 10 new member packets were passed out. We hope to hear back from all of them!!

Christie Williams
ICE Breakers Club



By Jodie Sanders