Southlake Holds Open House for Early Risers

The Southlake Toastmasters Club #4987 held an Open House on March 5, chaired by Eric Rose. Eric’s co-chairs were Mary Hansen, Inga Shivers and Kathleen Voormolen. Serving as Toastmaster was James Harding and the theme for the meeting was “Blessed and Thankful.” Southlake Toastmasters are early risers, as we meet every Monday morning at 7:00 am, which would lead one to believe we would have a hard time finding and keeping members. Contrary to belief, the club continues to retain and attract new members. This can be attributed to how well meetings are run and the drive to finish exactly 1 hour after the meeting starts.

The Open House was a tremendous success with a total of 7 visitors attending. Visitors were treated to speeches from two of our strongest speakers, Marylee Mims and Tom Pierce. It was emphasized during the meeting that performing speeches is only one phase of improving as a public speaker, and receiving feedback is just as important. Visitors saw that evaluations were a method for not only offering recommendations for improvement, but reinforcing a speaker’s strengths. Table Topics questions focused on the true benefits and experiences of Toastmasters.

We closed the Open House by honoring our Immediate Past President, Lauren Midgley, for her outstanding work ethic and dedication.






James Harding
Southlake Toastmasters Club



By Jodie Sanders