Go for the Goal!

DCP Goal 1: 2 CCs  

DCP Goal 2: 2 More CCs

“CC Me on That!”

District 25 is holding a promotion for anyone who earns a Competent Communicator Award between Jan. 1st and Mar. 15th to receive a newly rebranded membership pin.

Getting a Competent Communicator award must be important: Toastmasters International puts achieving CC awards right up front in its list of Distinguished Club Plan goals every club should strive toward.

What can YOU do to get those two little letters that mean so much next to YOUR name? And how can Advanced Communicators work in time to take the CC book for another spin? You can actually finish your CC in record time with a little planning!  Here are some ways you can Go for the Goal of earning your first — or your next — CC:

1. CCs Are Numero Uno!

Ask your VP Education to make CC manual speeches the priority in your club. CC manual speeches take precedence over others.

2. Be Hip!

Have a “Hip Pocket” speech! If a speaker fails to show up for the meeting, jump on it! Most speeches fit into one or even several of the CC manual projects. Look ahead, find one that seems to work for a topic you know something about, and make a few notes of your thoughts in case someone else’s missed opportunity suddenly becomes your own!

3. Time Warp!

Can’t get in enough manual speeches to get your next CC candidate through the book? Consider extending your club’s meeting time occasionally, especially at the end of the Toastmasters year, to allow for an additional CC manual speech!

4. All Speeches, All Meeting Long!

If your club is trying to work in several people who want to finish educational awards, streamline the meeting and have only speeches and written evaluations for that meeting only. Allow time at the end for evaluators to meet individually with speakers.

5. Take it on the Road!

Team up with a small club that often lacks a quota of speeches. Offer to do a manual speech for that club. You will benefit, and the club will benefit from hearing your great speech!

6. Work It Out!

Have a presentation you are making on the job or at a civic or church event? Ask a Toastmaster friend to be in the audience with your CC manual to give you a written evaluation!

Bonne Stroman
Lt. Gov. Education and Training


By Jodie Sanders