Pivot Points & Pivotal People



Steven Timmons, CC, ALB Afterburners Toastmasters Fort Worth, Texas

I hit a personal low early in pursuing my CC.  Recently, a fellow club member told me he wasn’t a “natural” speaker like me. Toastmasters works.

Definitely making progress toward being a better speaker, communicator and role model for my fellow Toastmasters.

Priceless “peeps”: Made significant friends and relationships through Toastmasters. I believe the quote is very true, “It’s not what you know but who you know that makes the difference.”

“For me, leadership is all about “Pivot Points,” which basically means people form quick and lasting impressions about you based on your actions. Toastmasters has made me aware of these small chances and to seize the opportunity to make a better impression.”




By Jodie Sanders