Joint Open House Is a Success for LM Clubs

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Toastmasters International Clubs held an open house on January 18. Over 50 people attended, including Toastmasters members, leaders, and about 25 guests. The purpose of the open house was to allow non-members to get acquainted with what Toastmasters is and experience the flow of a typical club meeting. In addition, participants received additional information about Toastmasters through the various experienced speakers.
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The participants in the contest pictured within the collage are: Patti Jones, Travis Pipkin, Tim O’Conner and Larry Weatherholt of PM/SE; Ogewu Agbese and Denni Cravins of LM AeroSpeakers; Larry Weatherholt, Jonathan Pontinen, Karen Hagar, Lidia Barboza and Pat Alva-Green of Fighter Enterprise; Yolanda Serrano-Gehman, Tim O’Conner, Larry Nickerson, and Andrew Gregg of Quicksilver Express. Lockheed Martin Aeronautics has four company clubs:
Project Managers & Systems Engineers (chartered Dec. 8, 2011)
LM AeroSpeakers
Fighter Enterprise
Quicksilver Express


Contributions to this article were made by Sree Chadave, VP Public Relations, Quicksilver Express and Cameisha Arnold, VP Public Relations, Project Managers & Systems Engineers


By Jodie Sanders