Saving a Club, Helping Real People

James Hansen

Would you help a child? Of course you would! Most of us would freely give our time to help a child in need. But, would you help a club? What if a struggling club needs your help? Would you help them? 

Just for a moment, don’t think of it as a club; think of it as the individual members who comprise it. Each of those individuals joined Toastmasters for a reason. In this tough economic climate, the skills learned in Toastmasters can have a significant impact on their ability to keep or get a job. Do these individual members have families? Do they have children? Does saving that club impact the families and the children of those individual members? 

It’s easy to think of a club as an entity. Please don’t forget that every club has real people with the same dreams and challenges that you and members of your home club possess. When you help a struggling club, you help real people. Please consider volunteering to be a club coach. Contact District 25’s Club Coach/Club Rescue Chair James Hansen.





By Jodie Sanders