28 January 2011: A Baker’s Dozen of Offerings at UNT Denton TLI

Saturday, Jan. 21, 2012 Toastmasters Leadership Institute at Texas Wesleyan University offers a baker’s dozen (yes, count ‘em: thirteen!)educational and leadership growth sessions! Not only can all incoming Club Officers attend designated training to learn about their new roles, but thirteen elective classes will warm up a cold winter’s day and send you away enlightened and empowered!

  1. Advanced Leadership Training:For those who have served in their elected office previously, we offer a great alternate leadership class with motivational speaker and personal growth coach Aldean Pearson. You’ll be REDEFINING LEADER in this advanced class.
  1. Motivating Achievement:You’ll learn about opportunities for growth available through the Toastmasters International Communication and Leadership tracks and membership programs. What’s not to like?
  1. Attracting New Members to Your Club:You know you need ‘em! Every club needs new members, not only to maintain numbers for the DCP, but because you want to share the good news about Toastmasters with everybody in the whole wide world! Here’s how to get ‘em in the door and make ‘em want to stay!
  1. Marketing Training:This is a “twofer,” with discussion devoted both to pre-charter (demo) meeting training and Club Sponsor/Mentor/Coach. Hey, you can’t go wrong with two great topics like that!!
  1. Update Your Website:Hey, your FreeToastHost website is going bye-bye unless you switch to 2.0 soon . . . very soon!! Our technical wizard hired right off the set ofHarry Potter tells you how to convert!
  1. Here Come de Judge!WE WANT YOUfor contest judge/chief judge duty! We’re even offering a DOORBUSTER SPECIAL: a 1 hour update for experienced judges seeking to renew their certification. (Judge certification is good for 2 years. Is it time for YOU to RENEW?)
  1. Contest Quality Training:Don’t you just love contests? The excitement of competition? The energy of the crowd? The free snacks? You want your club, area, and division to put onTHE BEST LITTLE CONTEST IN TEXAS, don’t you? This session is for all you contest chairmen out there, and anyone else who wants to know how to make your CONTEST the BEST!
  1. Strange but (Not) So True: The Tall Tales Contest:This Spring’s fun-for-all is the Tall Tales Speech Contest. You’ll be all ears as you get ready to dig down deep, cook up a different kettle of fish, get cracking, shoot the moon, and wow the crowd, in this amazing, (not) true workshop session.
  1. International Speech Contest:Somebody in District 25 will be advancing to the World Championship of Public Speaking in Orlando in August, 2012! Attend this session. Make that somebody YOU!
  1. The Most Important Speech You’ll Ever Give:The Eulogy/Memorial Speech is not only comforting for your loved ones and closest friends, but also challenges every Toastmasters skill you have attempted! Learn practical ways to deliver aMemorial/Eulogy that helps people when they need your speaking skills most. Be original, profound, humorous, inclusive, healing, and tactful as you prepare a memorable speech on short notice.
  1. Speakers Bureau and Accredited Speaker Program:Thought about extending your speaking arena beyond the club or contest level? SB and AS provide opportunities to go beyond the club, to share your areas of expertise with others, and even to become a professional speaker.
  1. Developing Your Leadership Skills: An experienced Toastmaster will lead this module,part of the Success/Leadership Series. It is designed to help participants develop advanced leadership skills.
  1. Lunch and Learn: District Governor Diana Patton explores Leadership Opportunities and shows us how to develop our leadership skills through involvement in District 25. Hey, the new tag line is “Toastmasters International: Where Leaders Are Made.” DG Diana will help us realize that vision!  LGET Bonne Stroman will moderate a Jokemaster Contest, so brush up on your funniest joke and get ready to roll in the aisles!


By Jodie Sanders