Seven Years Ago in District 25 . . .

Did you know that the divisions once had mottoes? In Latin?

This editor cannot vouch for their correctness but they certainly look impressive.

This appeared in the February 2005 issue of In Touch, the D25 newsletter. Each division also had a coat of arms, and these also appear in that issue. (Note that there were only five divisions then.)

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In case you are unable to read the graphic, here is the text.

The Mottoes of the Divisions of District 25 2004-2005
Division A – Strong Foundation for Excellence (Validus Substructio pro posterus)
Division B – Continued Support & Encouragement for Member’s Personal Growth (Pertetuus solor ac hortor unique incrementum)
Division C – Communication Breeds Leadership (Eloquor seminos gubermatio)
Division D – Driven to Service with Innovation and Excellence (Prodigo servo cum captus ac virtus)
Division E – We Came, We Learned, We Served (Nos advenus, nos doctus, nos servos)



By Jodie Sander