A Season for Giving

Conference photos: Amelinda Salas

any people think of the holiday season as a time of giving and receiving gifts. For myself, I am thinking of the gifts we have received from those who “Let It Shine” during the recent District 25 Fall Conference. Each member of the Conference Committee did his or her best so that our members could come together to celebrate a time of enlightened learning, sparkling competition, glittering celebration, and golden reflection.

A well-organized conference seems to be an almost seamless creation, a beautifully wrapped present for us to enjoy. The casual observer might not realize the long hours, days, and weeks of planning that have gone toward making this present a priceless experience. Unwrap this package, and you will find the efforts of many individuals whose contributions of skills and talents, dedication to excellence, and vision for a great experience helped create this gorgeously wrapped gift. I would love to mention each one’s remarkable contributions by name, but Jodie, our news editor, says we must keep our articles short!!

However, I could not write about the conference without recognizing the very special leadership of Marylee Mims, our Fall Conference Chairman. Her organizational skills and vision for the conference, coupled with her great charm and tact, made serving on the Conference Committee a pleasurable, even an exciting experience. Marylee’s talents made it possible for all of us on the committee to “Let It Shine” and to bask in the glow of an event that gave so much to District 25. Her guiding principle was that each attendee would feel welcomed and go away enlightened and inspired, having had a wonderful time! I would say that her vision became a reality.

For leadership and dedication, I heartily thank Marylee, each member of the committee, the many volunteers, and the conference participants, who made this gift one worth giving and receiving.

May your holiday be filled with laughter and light, family and friends, and all the warm, glowing gifts of the season. May each of you, in your unique way, Let It Shine during the coming year.

Bonne Stroman

Lt. Governor Education and Training


by Jodie Sanders