A Perfect 10 at TLI

Saturday, December 10th Toastmasters Leadership Institute at Texas Wesleyan University offers a Perfect 10 in educational and leadership growth sessions! Not only can all incoming Club Officers attend designated training to learn about their new roles, but 10 (ten!!) elective classes will warm up a cold winter’s day and send you away enlightened and empowered!

  1. Advanced Leadership Training:For those who have served in their elected office previously, we offer a great alternate leadership class with motivational speaker and personal growth coach Aldean Pearson. You’ll be REDEFINING LEADER in this advanced class.
  1. Here Come de Judge!WE WANT YOU for contest judge/chief judge duty! (Hey, you could judge and be in charge! What Toastmaster wouldn’t like that?) We’re even offering a DOORBUSTER SPECIAL: a 1 hour update for experienced judges seeking to renew their certification. (Judge certification is good for 2 years. Is it time for YOU to RENEW?)
  1. Motivating Achievement:You’ll learn about opportunities for growth available through the Toastmasters International Communication and Leadership tracks and membership programs. What’s not to like?
  1. Attracting New Members to Your Club:You know you need ‘em! Every club needs new members, not only to maintain your numbers for the DCP, but because you want to share the good news about Toastmasters with everybody in the whole wide world! Hey, what if you never had attended a Toastmasters meeting or joined up? What would you be missing (besides sleeping in on a Saturday morning while we’re out here having fun)? Here’s how to get ‘em in the door and make them want to stay!
  1. Update Your Website:Hey, your FreeToastHost website is going bye-bye unless you switch to 2.0 soon . . . very soon!! Our technical wizard hired right off the set ofHarry Potter tells you how to convert!
  1. Contest Quality Training:Don’t you just love contests? The excitement of competition? The energy of the crowd? The free snacks? You want your club, area, and division to put onTHE BEST LITTLE CONTEST IN TEXAS, don’t you? This session is for all you contest chairmen out there, and anyone else who wants to know how to make your CONTEST the BEST!
  1. How to Conduct Productive Meetings:Hmmm. Productive. You mean like having meetings that start and end on time? That get everyone involved? That allow time for positive interaction and input? That follow parliamentary procedure? That are fun? That are so great you can’t wait to come next time? The principles taught in this session apply to ALL meetings, not just to Toastmasters! Find out the secrets of a successful meeting at this stimulating session and you’ll never again watch the clock thinking, “Will this meeting ever end?”
  1. Marketing Training:This is a “twofer,” with discussion devoted both to pre-charter (demo) meeting training and to member retention. Hey, you can’t go wrong with two great topics like that!!
  1. Club Sponsor/Mentor/Coach:You have enjoyed Toastmasters and want to share your expertise and enthusiasm with a new or struggling club. Get involved by attending this informative session.
  1. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town!Our Lunch and Learn isREINDEER GAMES! Join Santa, Mrs. C., and the Reindeer for Holiday Table Topics. Compete for Best Table Topics Response and for Best Holiday Attire! You might find out who’s been naughty and nice, so be there for goodness sake!!

by Jodie Sanders