The First Time Is a Special Time

Beaming first timers take the stage!

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There is a first time for everything. That is what my mother used to tell me.

It rang true for the District 25 Fall Conference. I’ll be honest. I tremble at the thought of being in the midst of strangers. My palms sweat, and my stomach feels as if boy scouts are practicing their knots in it.

But in District 25, first timers are treated as special guests. They have their own hob-nob reception, get a really nice goodies bag, and are made to feel quite welcomed. That little blue stripe on my name badge told everyone I was here for the first time. People made a beeline to come over to me and say hi, and to thank me for attending. We first timers even got a standing ovation at the dinner.

It was a jam-packed weekend, but a good one.There were educational sessions, distinguished speakers and contests. I learned a lot about speaking, leadership and personal development. I also volunteered at the registration desk, which was fun because I met a lot of new people.The program schedules were well laid out, so I knew exactly what to do next. I never felt lost or bewildered in the sea of smiles and handshakes.

If you need an infusion of positiveness, you should come to the Spring Conference, May 4-5th. You will feel special and welcomed, too. And, be sure to volunteer to do something. It is the icing on the cake. You really feel as if you are a part of the whole thing. No deer in the headlights feelings — promise!

I only have one disappointing thought about the Spring Conference. I won’t be a first timer anymore. Ratz. But, that’s okay — I learned that in District 25, everyone is made to feel special. So, come Ignite the Flame and Let it Shine!

Julie Cosgrove

Top Notch Toastmasters



by Jodie Sanders