Maintain Your Better Life

“Just think about how much better your lives are.” 
Paul Simon performed in Grand Prairie on October 28, 2011. 
Photo by Dean Lampman

Legendary singer-songwriter Paul Simon offered those comforting words to his Grand Prairie audience as the Texas Rangers lost to the Cardinals in World Series Game 7. Simon married a Dallas-area woman; he knows our weather, and quality of life, is nicer than that in St. Louis.

We should follow Simon’s advice. Because of Toastmasters, our lives are better. We’re more confident speakers and accomplished leaders. We regularly meet, work and have fun with Toastmasters friends, for less per month than the cost of two cups of Starbucks.

While coffee is pleasant for a moment, the benefits of even a month in Toastmasters can be life-changing. By giving an icebreaker speech, a Toastmaster begins to conquer fear of public speaking (which, astoundingly, is tantamount to death for some).

District 25 is gathering testimonials about how Toastmasters has changed our lives. If you’ve not yet done so, please share your story, and pass it on to club members who’ve not yet paid their renewal dues. Remind them that they’re important to you and your club. Encourage them to stay committed to Toastmasters so they can continue to grow their skills through more and different learning opportunities and by mentoring others. Contact members who have left your club and ask them to come back for a visit. Whether they do or not, try to determine why they left so your club can pursue solutions to any problems.

Like the Texas Rangers, we succeed or fail as a team. If we drop the ball, we’ll see our amazing opportunities (quoting Simon again) “slip sliding away.” You and your club are well incented to achieve your goals. Joy to the Club, for example, offers $15, $25, and $35 gift certificates to the Toastmasters International store to clubs that add five or six, seven or eight, or nine or more members, respectively, from November through January 1, 2012. Smaller clubs (12 or fewer members) can earn a $35 gift certificate for adding three members by January. Smaller clubs that reach charter strength (20 members) this year can earn the Phoenix Award and a new club banner. That should be motivating!

The holidays are upon us. Shouldn’t you and your club give the gift of Toastmasters to someone who needs it? Just think about how much better that person’s life will be … and yours is already!

Dean Lampman
Lt. Governor Marketing


by Jodie Sanders