Toastmaster Tim Tyran Is Flying High

Tim as Contest Master

Nothing seems to be impossible for this former commuter airline pilot who now works as a Senior Safety Analyst at American Airlines.

Timothy Tyran is also a DJ, a musician, an ice-hockey fan and a member of the Flagship Speakers Toastmasters Club since January, 2011.

He joined the club because he wanted to improve his confidence and learn the skills he needed to effectively communicate to others.

He has definitely succeeded. “I have gained a great deal of confidence in my speaking abilities,” says Tim. He is not only able to captivate the Toastmaster audience now as he recently performed — for the second time — as “DJ Bunk” on AA’s HDQ1 patio, captivating a different audience with his skills.

Tim as “DJ Bunk”

“In my life outside American Airlines I am known as the pop musician ‘Bunker Soldier.’ I write my own music and lyrics. My greatest accomplishment is having the number one pop song ‘Drive Me Home’ on the American Idol Underground website as voted by Internet listeners. Second would be the licensing of my song ‘Flying’ to the Boeing Corporation,” adds the musician who created “Bunker Soldier” in 1994.

Tim is not only proud of his family, his 15-year musical career and his five CD releases (all on He is also very proud that was able to run a Flagship Speakers’ meeting without any fear or nerves.

What the future holds for this unstoppable professional is yet to be seen. Way to go, Tim!

Denise Canelas
American Airlines
HR Communications Specialist/Writer





by Jodie Sanders