You Too Can Be a Star!

How would you like a Starring Role in District 25? You can become part of our All Star Cast by committing to District 25 service and earning one of our new D25 Star Awards. It’s all part of our “Let It Shine!” commitment.

Here’s how the stars came out: We took a hard look at our popular District 25 Elite recognition.  A member had to qualify by completing three criteria in each of three areas: Marketing, Education, and Leadership. We asked ourselves, “What if someone wants to specialize in one of the three categories?” And A Star Was Born!!
You can now become a Marketing Star, Education Star, or Leadership Star in District 25 service! Heck, you can still be a D25 Elite member too!
“How?” you ask?
Make the Commitment at  Then tell us when you have completed your commitment, and we will Shine Some Stars for you!
See you in the All Star Cast!!
Bonne Stroman
Lt. Governor Education and Training

by Jodie Sanders