Achieving the Vision


It’s up to all of us to support the vision behind the Toastmasters International rebranding campaign and accompanying tagline: “Where Leaders are Made.” If you and your club want to get started, here are three ways to support rebranding:

  1.  Update your Website. As several D25 clubs have done already, just follow the instructions on how to implement FreeToastHost (FTH) Version 2.0. If your club uses a platform other than FTH, have your Webmaster visit TI’s virtual brand portal. If (s)he needs further help, contact me, Chuck Mencke, or Jodie Sanders.

2. Replace obsolete collateral. Start with your club’s guest packet, so prospects get the right impression of Toastmasters. You can find free materials on TI’s site. You can also start using the rebranded PowerPoint slides accessible in the brand portal. (Contact me for examples of a few “rebranded” educational modules.)
3. Replace obsolete meeting room items. If your club can afford it, purchase a new banner and lectern. When they
arrive, have a special event. Ask members to recommit to the 10 Toastmaster’s
promises. Discuss rebranding and how members can support it.


These steps will show a commitment to rebranding, but making your club a place where leaders are made requires applying more than a color palette. All members must see that they have contributions to make—and make them swiftly and confidently. They should follow a plan to achieve at least one educational goal every 18 months. Officers should be well trained and implementing what they know. If all that occurs, personal growth is inevitable, the benefits of Toastmasters become obvious, and the club has little trouble achieving its Distinguished Club Program (DCP) goals.

You and your club can also be leaders by marketing Toastmasters. Encourage your club to engage in a membership building campaign. Add fuel to that fire by having a Speechcraft  program and an Open House. Attend the next marketing workshop and learn more about marketing via D25’s marketing section.

Our district will succeed if our clubs and members succeed. Consider this twist on President Kennedy’s famous call to action: Ask not what your district, division or area can do for you, but what you can do for your area, division and district! There are many ways for you and your club to be leaders. Don’t wait for cues from others; get started on the path to leadership today. Your fellow Toastmasters are counting on you!



Dean Lampman

Lt. Governor Marketing



by Jodie Sanders