Take On Any Topic

Chuck Mencke, ACB, ALB
Plus-Two and Top Notch Toastmasters
Fort Worth, Texas

Because of Toastmasters I am heading up projects at work that I never thought possible.

I am learning to lead without thinking about “what’s in it for me.” I am becoming a much better overall individual willing to give more than I receive.

“Flock” finder: In Toastmasters, I’m able to surround myself with like-minded individuals who have a positive influence on me.

“Recently, our company president asked me about the status of a project that had been put on the “back-burner” several months ago. I gave him a clear, concise answer on where the project stood using three main points. He was amazed and asked me how I was able to provide that answer on a moment’s notice. I beamed and said, ‘TOASTMASTERS!’”




By Jodie Sanders